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"Intensive Summer School": Where Goalies Transform from Good to Great!

Please read this entire section to fully understand the different camp options, registration procedure and the selection process to secure entry into the 2017 camps. The All girls and Elite specialty camp information is at the end of this email.

We are running 7 consecutive weeks again this summer - starting the week of July 10th with the last week beginning on August 21st.  All camps are taking place at Minto arena, 2571 Lancaster road.


On Ice Component

The intensive summer school runs from Monday to Friday, 8:30am-4:15pm and includes 3 hours of on ice instruction per day with a ratio of 1 instructor per 2 goalies in the net. The 15 hours of on ice instruction consists of a precise balance of technical and tactical skills.  Our experience and research have allowed us to develop an intensive weeklong Hybrid curriculum where every modern aspect of the position is passed on to the goalies.

Last summer, we modified the curriculum to resemble the academic practice of teaching BIG IDEAS. Big Ideas are technical and tactical concepts that are applicable and transferable to various scoring situations. Mastering these essential components provides goalies with consistency, confidence and a deeper understanding of the position. A few BIG IDEAS we cover throughout the week are Efficiency, Positioning, Patience, Playing Big, Proper Biomechanics, Stance and much more.

Once again, Goaler U guarantees to place a maximum of only 2 goalies per net. This policy increases individual learning/ in net time and instruction by 5 hours compared to other goalie schools who place 3 goalies per net. This assures you get the most value and individual learning time for your dollar. Another differentiator we deliver is our elite staff comprises primarily of the best Jr, Major Junior, NCAA and CIS shooters and goalie instructors, all trained to run goalie specific drills with age appropriate shots and on the spot corrections ensuring goalies are working towards attaining only the best playing habits.

Off Ice Component

The off ice components are designed to complement the on ice instruction. This year, we are changing the off ice components to foster greater on ice gains. Every day, the goalies will take part in two off ice learning blocks. The first is a classroom setting led by a Goaler U Head Instructor who will provide video analysis of each goalie’s previous on ice session. In this block, goalies will also learn all of the on ice components in a classroom setting so they best understand the concepts before stepping on the ice and applying the knowledge. The educational model of teaching the same content is various environments and learning styles increases content mastery and ensures the goalies have a deep understanding of how to improve.

The change this summer is in the second learning block. This block will focus a great deal on the softer skills of goaltending such as mental strategies, physical and injury prevention, dealing with adversary, nutrition and much more from a series of experts coming in to provide special seminars geared towards appropriate age and levels.

Combining these off ice elements with the on ice provide goalies a comprehensive and detailed goaltending learning experience. Goalies who successfully take part in every aspect of the weeklong program end up much stronger, knowledgeable, confident and far more consistent. You will immediately recognize the difference after just one week of camp.


The Two Week Transformation Recipe

Over the past 7 years, we have witnessed incredible transformations from goalies attending our school. These are goalies that go from B to making AAA or from playing house league to making the A competitive team. These changes have come from goalies that attend two weeks of Goaler U school with one camp in July and the other in August. This process has provided the best results as it combines intense technical training paired with adequate rest, so that goalies are at their peak come tryouts.  During week 1, we identify all the weaknesses and correct all the deficiencies. Goalies begin to work on the improved technical corrections, but often the week ends before they have enough time to perfect each movement. During their off weeks, goalies are encouraged to review their on ice videos and reflect on how they can improve their play. When the second week comes around, we are able to skip the identification/diagnostic process and focus directly on perfecting the corrections we introduced in week 1. By the end of week 2, goalies are now transformed into a more polished, more technical version of themselves. This all happens right before tryouts, so goalies are ready to shine and demonstrate all the hard work they accomplished over the summer.


Cost and Registration Method

The intensive summer camp will cost $800.00 (including taxes) for goalies participating one week. Based on previous years, many goalies have wanted to take advantage of the 2 Week Transformation Process. For those wanting more than one week, Goaler U is now offering the discounted rate of $730.00 for the second and third weeks of camp. This price offers significant value considering 15 hours of winter skill building sessions costs $1050.00 for just on ice.  The camp price includes the added benefits of off ice conditioning, video analysis, mental skills seminars and game preparation instruction.

To secure your summer session spot, GoalerU needs to receive this registration form indicating first, second and third choice of weeks  plus appropriate deposits. Three separate choices per week attending camp must be given to allow us to build homogenous groups by age/experience.  The deposits written out to Goaler U should be postdated for April 30th 2017 and June 15th 2017. We cannot guarantee everyone’s first choice, but are usually able to meet one of your top three choices. Please send the form to 630 Devonwood circle, Ottawa, ON, K1T 4E7.  Please add to the cheque total any additional “Add Ons” as described below.
Last year, 90% of the camp filled in the first three weeks of registration, so please send the forms and deposit at your earliest convenience or you risk not getting in. 

Please look over the below “Add Ons” and select which additional services you would like to purchase if any.

Payment Program: No Goalie Left Behind

We understand goaltending is an expensive passion and parents want to provide their kids with the best available training. Therefore, if for whatever reason, the above payment schedule is an issue, do not hesitate to contact us and we will work out a plan that works for everyone. We want to train goalies who are eager to work hard and improve. We will not let finances get in the way of a goalie who wants to improve!!!

Add Ons

An evaluation with a written report on strengths and areas of improvement - $60

Special fitted, goalie cut, Goaler U jersey - $50

Goaler U 4 High Definition DVD series “Goaltending Mastery” recommended
for every goalie attending the camp

Goaler U 4 High Definition DVD series “Goaltending Mastery” recommended for every goalie attending the camp - $80

Get all the Add Ons for a total of $150.


Registration Form and Weekly Selection Process

Click below for Form

Every year, people want the weeks leading up to tryouts, but to maintain the highest quality we can only accept 10-12 goalies per group. As a result, we now follow a strict selection process that considers in priority.

1)    Goalies attending two or more weeks
2)    Regular Goaler U client throughout the current season
3)    Date full registration was received, with deposits
4)    Goaler U Seniority
5)    Goalie aligns with group level
6)    Goaler U discretion

Goalies who meet the above criteria have a much better chance of receiving their top choices, but in no way does this guarantee acceptance into the camp. If selecting two weeks, we ask that you provide 3 possible options for week 1 and 3 separate possibilities for week 2. As described in the “Transformation Process”, we also strongly recommend selecting one week in July and one in August.

When filling out the registration form, you will notice a new “BEST AVAILABLE” box where we will select the best weekly camp/s for your goalie. If attending two weeks, we will always place the second week close to tryouts.

Unfortunately, I must turn away people every year, so please do not hesitate to ask questions and send the forms a.s.a.p. or risk not being accepted.


Specialty  Camps


Please note that Goaler U will be running two separate camps at Minto arena the week of July 10th. The first camp will be an all girls camp featuring Amey Doyle, former McGill head coach and the goalie coach of Olympians, Kim St-Pierre and Charlie Labonté. Amey will be instructing all week and also offer off ice seminars on how to become a National prospect. This camp will have all girl groups and host NCAA woman instructors and guest speakers to demonstrate how they got to the top. If interested, please select the “All Girls Camp” option on the registration form. The price is the same at $800.00 for one week with a second week dropping to $730.00.


Based on the enormous interest last year, we are opening the Elite camp to more participants. The Elite camp guarantees only 8 to 10 goalies per group with at least half the sessions on the big ice. This camp will take place the week of July 24th and perhaps a second week depending on the number of requests. In the application, please specify if you are interested in one or two elite camps, or one elite and one regular.

This camp is only for the most serious and experienced goaltenders and features our best staff along with guest instructors mostly with NHL experience. In the past, we have had Fred Brathwaite, head Team Canada Goalie Coach, Andrew Allen, Sabres Goalie Coach, Mark Lamothe former NHL goalie, Chris Schwartz, Senators Strength coach. This camp also features Major Jr and College Caliber attendees and shooters all working together to prepare for a massive 2017 season.

To Apply for this camp, you must have played AA or AAA this past season and must be going into Bantam or higher.  We also bring in guest instructors who have NHL experience as well as special off ice presentations geared for only the most motivated goalies. The cost of this Elite experience is $1150.00 which includes a Reebok Goalie Cut Goaler U Jersey. Spots are very limited so please send in your forms immediately. Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee that every applicant will be accepted, but we will do our best. Goalies attending two weeks will gain priority selection into the Elite camp. 


Yours in Goaltending,

Stefan Nichols
Hockey Canada Program of Excellence instructor
HEO Goalie Coach Mentor
CCM Goalie Advisor
JrA/AAA Gloucester Rangers Goalie coach
67’s, Wild, Cyclones AAA Goalie Mentor
Goaler U Director/Head Instructor
B.ED, B.A.
“Understand the Position, Master the Opposition!”